March 24th, 2006


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What is with my sleep? I finally pried myself away from the game some time after midnight ,but woke before 7. :p

Anyway, the game didn't drop to desktop after the two that infuriated me early on. Of course, I am saving compulsively every few minutes anyway. Luckily, I know just how new games can be, and I had a save from not long before that first drop (the second happened so close to the same spot and circumstances, I was worried)

The Good, the Bad and the downright Ugly.

The good:

1. Alchemical supplies are ever so much easier to harvest than in Morrowind. One click and you either get something or you don't and the icon changes to 'nothing of interest there' until the plant regenerates.

2. Alchemy itself it easier, as the program automatically (but not necessarily - there's a toggle) filters out all the reagents you can't use once you have at least one reagent in the equipment. I find I rather like that.

3. Not only does running NOT use up your Stamina, but your Stamina REGENERATES even while running. I think the fact that running used up Stamina in Morrowind was one the reasons people found movement painfully slow. I know it's the main reason I used GodMode.

The Bad:

I will have to get back to you all on this

The downright UGLY:

These likely annoy me because the smack right into a pet peeve.

1. The inventory is all menus and scrolling, rather than the open screen with drag-and-drop mouse action of Morrowind. And why is that? Because of the XBox 360 of course. Makes selling a lot of stuff a long process.

2. Saving involves picking a slot and clicking 'save'. No chance to name it something memorable. You get a time stamp and thumbnail of your screen when you save. Why is that? The effing XBox 360, of course!

3. I know we can't name potions and I assume we won't be able to specially name enchanted items (when ever I get to that point). Why is that? THE XBOX 360!!!!!!! I am surprised they even let us use the keyboard to name our charcters and custom class.

I give a hearty wave of a rude gesture to all of those!