April 3rd, 2006


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I missed a birthday over the weekend. Sorry, desahra. :( And I think there may have been one more.

Not much to update, since most of my free time goes to Oblivion. Amusing note: the devs DO listen. One thing about Morrowind was that is was easy to make money (after you got the hang of the game) but there just wasn't anything to BUY, particularly, so you ended up really rich with nothing to do with it.

In Oblivion, you no long have either of those 'problems'. Money is rather harder to come by AND they have provided these attractive money sinks called 'houses'. One in every major town. Not only are the houses expensive, but the FURNISHINGS can cost even more, although you buy those piecemeal. I hear-tell that enchanting is quite the money sink, too. If course, if I ever manage to buy all the houses, all the furnishings AND make all the enchantments I want, I will probably start making money hand over fist... and will likely be done with all possible quest. LOL And houses have a use this time around - they are the only place you can safely store things. :O

Used to be, in Morrowind, you could drop things outdoors pretty much anywhere and they would stay for ever. You could kill the occupant of a house and then take it over and no-one would notice, nor would any of your things dissapear (as long as you didn't put your stuff in one of the rare re-spawning containers). Heck, you could even sell stuff to a vendor and it would always be there until you bought it back (for pretty much the same price you got for selling it).

Not so in Oblivion. Now, NPCs will pick up stuff off the ground (or, at least, that is what we are told happens to things. And I believe it.) And things in houses retain their 'stolen' icon even when the owner is quite dead. I haven't dropped something in an 'owned' house to see if that dropped item gains the 'stolen' icon, however. But all the containers tend to be re-spawning. Even the vendors no longer keep things indefinitely (or even more than a day, it seems.)

So, yeah, at least one house is a good idea. None of the ones I have seen have been all that convinient to the fast-travel drop points, of course. That may change when I can afford something besides the cheap housing.