April 6th, 2006


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No internet access at home. I noticed it last night (but was too busy to do much about it.) and it was still going on this morning, but my cable modem can't seem to initialize past 'receive'. The 'send' light just flashes and flashes. :( I tried turning it off and on under various computer on/off conditions to no avail. If it's the cable and I have to be home for what needs doing, it could be a LONG time before I get it back. (Will my sanity survive?!)


The cable company wants me to take the splitter out of the cable outlet to determine if the problem is the splitter. :( That just happens to be behind a bookshelf.....


Run comb through hair.
Hit knot at the end in the back.
Flip comb out of hand.
Pick up comb.
Begin combing from other side of head.
Hit same knot.
Flip comb out of hand AGAIN.
Roll eyes at self.
Finger comb knot out of hair.