April 7th, 2006


Can't resist anymore

Wikipedia meme:

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birthday (excluding the year). List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year.

November 4

Events: (darn, only three? But there's so many!)

1861 - The University of Washington opens in Seattle, Washington as the Territorial University

1922 - In Egypt, British archaeologist Howard Carter and his men find the entrance to King Tutankhamen's tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

1995 - Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin assassinated by an extreme right-wing Israeli.


1470 - King Edward V of England, one of the two princes in the Tower

1969 - Matthew McConaughey, American actor (I would have sworn he was younger than me...)


1957 - Shoghi Effendi, Guarduan of the Bahá'í Faith (b. 1897)

(But this goes with "Events" after all - 1995 - Yitzhak Rabin, Prime Minister of Israel, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (assassinated) (b. 1922))

I am adding the holidays because some of these are rather interesting.

Roman festivals - start of the Ludi Plebeii
Roman Catholic Saints - Feast day of the following Roman Catholic saints:
Saint Charles Borromeo
St. Birrstan
St. Clarus
St. Emeric
St. Joannicus
St. Modesta
St. Nicander and Hermas
St. Philologus and Patrobas
St. Pierius
St. Vitalis
Also see November 4 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
Bahá'í Faith - Feast of Qudrat (Power) - First day of the 13th month of the Bahá'í calendar
Italy - celebration of victory in World War I, the date of the Armed Forces
Russia - Day of People's Unity (or National Unity Day)

That's quite a few saints' names you don't see everyday....