April 14th, 2006


Sucks to be her!

Medical Bloopers for April 13, 2006

A very pregnant patient arrived in our busy ER. While being wheeled from the waiting area, the baby's head emerged, sending the woman into a panic. "I'm so embarrassed," she sobbed.
"Don't be embarrassed," the nurse told her, "we had a woman deliver a baby on the front lawn last year."
The woman again broke into tears, "That was me!

Changed CDs in the car. Still Queen's Gambit, but at least I am not bursting into tears myself while driving. I find myself somewhat bugged by the hypocracy of "Grania" - she's crowing about taking all she finds (with regard to merchant ships) but is outraged that Queen Elizabeth is doing the same thing (with regard to land). Damn catchy song, though - wish I hadn't made that connection.

Blue cheese and a Pink Lady apple.

Yummy! Makes up for the rather wretched frozen dinner I almost couldn't face. I'm sure it makes up for the calories that frozen dinner didn't have, too. :p

Half a trolley down. One and a half trolleys to go. We are going to be here for ever.

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Nice to know I over-estimated how long I would be at work today by 15 minutes. If I had worked my full 8 hours on Monday and Tuesday (instead of getting there late because I dropped Thomas off at school and leaving at my regular time to pick him back up) I would have had more than 9 hours over 40 for this week. weee.

And we get to do MORE of this stuff next week. Only 250K capsules instead of 300K, but this is the active and it's controlled and we HAVE to inspect everything we fill the same day. Not looking forward to this. No, I am not.