April 29th, 2006


That was strangely painless.

Brown's Shoe Fit rocks. I only just now thought about how many shoes I have gotten from the one in either Hutchinson (as today) or Lawrence and how well they have stood up to my sort of punishment.

I went in and told the ernest young man that was very quick to ask if there was any way he could help, "I have an impossible task. I need shoes that are comfortable, able to be worn at work and won't look completely out of place under a 15th century dress" (okay, slip of the tongue, but it got the point across.) He led me directly to a display with the perfect thing! Several styles that would have worked, even. Not only that, but they are from the same company as the ones I have been wearing nearly daily for the last two years. Score. So, shoes for work/Fest are taken care of. That did NOT take nearly as long as I expected it to.

Other things that have been knocking around in my brain that I hadn't gotten around to blogging:

My maternal grandmother turned 88 last Wednesday. I only just recently contemplated a few facts of her life. Namely, she was 30 when she married, 31 when her first child was born (my mother. And I am currently only three years older than she was....) and she proceeded to have four more. Extraordinary.

Then, turns out my 57 year old mother hasn't quite finished 'the change' yet. She says her doctor assures her she can't get pregnant again, but another doctor she works with delights is telling her "You can still get pregnant, you know!". Makes ME think about having a sibling that's YEARS younger than my son. :O

But, ye gods: Long-lived, AND long-fertile.

Subject change: ear piercing

I don't wear earrings often and it seems there is a price to pay for that. My holes were starting to close (I am sure that has something to do with little tears I got from putting earrings in the last time) so I have my studs in - the one used to pierce my ears in the first place. They have larger than normal shafts and locking backs. But, darn but they just look 'wrong' when I catch sight of them in the mirror. Just not very femme, am I?

That about covers my news.