May 25th, 2006


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I arrived at work 6:55 am 24May06 and I left work at 12:50 am 25May06. As I recall, that ties with the extraordinary weekend at Abbott, but that weekend started later in the day, so I left there about the time the sun was coming up, which seemed worse.

'Twasn't 'my' project, but it had an oven failure, too. Different oven, different day by 24 hours. I suspect we have been invaded by gremlins. (I didn't mention the oven failure on 'my' project between Monday evening and Tuesday morning? Well, I have been at work, but not at the computer, rather a lot this week....)

And while we will be splitting 'my' project up over today and tomorrow (which I very nearly begged our client for permission to do), it's still going to take bloody near forever to a) heat 36 liters of water to 50-55 °C and b) then cool it back down near room temp to adjust the pH and then Q.S. it (that's our shorthand for 'add water until the total weight is where we want it').

And tomorrow... we filter and fill it. True to form, I woke about 6 this morning and my brain started whirling and churning about timing issues. Go back to sleep? HA! But since my partner-in-crime said he would be back in about 9 this morning, I have some time to kill. So, here I am.

Did I mention that, when I left work in the wee hours, I had 39.35 hours in already? That is a record for me. The air at 1 am was extraordinarily pleasant, as I recall and the drive was the shortest I can remember, what will so little traffic and all. (No, I didn't exceed my usual speed limit - too few other cars to 'hide' me from any HPs.)

How could I have forgotten?

In amongst all the project work that kept me so busy yesterday, there was also an announcement that an entire section (pre-clinical) here at Aptuit would be closed down in 60 days. Nearly 100 people will be out of a job.

In totally other news (reminded by nkcmike) my strawberries are producing the most berries I have ever seen in the four years I have been keeping them alive. I think the flowers are done, but there are still quite a few new berries coming in. It's only about 6 plants in a trough-type tub, but I have been getting a strawberry or two every other day or so for several weeks. Before, I was getting maybe two strawberries a season (neighborhood critters were getting a few more). Not that these are particularly flavorful - I think I have only the hardiest variety left and it seem the strawberries suffer for the hardiness.