May 30th, 2006

Are you bad? by fritters

Saw X-Men 3 yesterday

(yes, yes, I also went to ConQuest this weekend, but I spent so much time holed up in my room hermitting, I am not sure I could be said to have attended much. Did try a few new games and at least said 'hi' to a large number of friends. But DAMN, if I had just entered a costume into the contest I think I had a good chance of winning a paid entrance into next year's Costuming Con. :O)

Anyway, back to X3. I liked it. I know some hated it. I suspect I know why. But I know I heard this was to be the last film, so I wasn't dreadfully surprised. Collapse )

It was a comic book made into a film. It was great. And getting to watch Hugh Jackman walking in tight, black leather (especially away) made me bite my knuckle. Just thinking about it now, I bite my knuckle. damn. It's not just his body, there's something about his walk.....

Total change of subject: insomnia is a peculiar thing for a body to do to itself.
Lab coat

Some worthy ones.

Medical Bloopers for May 29:

->A mother asked the owner of a pharmacy for a jock strap for her son. The owner asked, "What size?"

The mother held her forefinger and thumb a couple of inches apart and said, "About this big."

"No, I meant his waist size."<-

Ah, mothers.

Medical Bloopers for May 30:

->As I was talking a history, an elderly patient mentioned that she recently had an episode of visual hallucinations. I asked her what they looked like. "Well, I really don't know, Doctor. I wasn't wearing my glasses at the time!"<-

I can so relate to that!