July 4th, 2006

sewing action

Pirate-y corset/bodice for KCRF

I finished a pirate bodice/corset this weekend (just in time for the 4th of July parade it needs to be in. ;p)

It's two layers of coutil which sandwich the bones and a layer of the fashion fabric pretty much laid over the top. There are a total of six lines of stitching that goes through all three layers to keep the top layer from shifting: a "V" in the front that outlines the wooden busk, a line at each side and the lines along the back edges. The busk is removable and has two 1/2" bones backing it up, just in case she finds the busk too restricting for the fighting she will be doing.

The straps attach in back at her request, but the tabs on them were the Ren Fest's ED's request. They ended up looking much better than I expected.

I forgot to count the bones, but it's fully boned but for small triangles between the sides and back and there's something around 40 1/2" bones. Well, she DID say she wanted a corset not a bodice. ;)

It's black with shiny detail, so it doesn't photograph well, but Collapse )