July 20th, 2006


(no subject)

I believe I am manic, in a rather low-energy way. This is very odd. I became euphoric simply because I got information out of a supplier. No.. that's not quite right: I got the information I wanted out of a supplier and they said the very thing I wanted to hear.

I turned in batch records and was very nearly giggling with the joy of it.

And yet, I am not bouncing off walls; I am content to sit until someone comes up with another reason for me to run somewhere.

This is in direct opposition to the near-homicidal crankiness of my drive home yesterday (not helped AT all by the jackass that insisted on pacing me and slowing down when ever he was ahead of me, but passing someone else. Bastard! Worst yet, I remember him from the Tuesday drive home, too. Very distictive car - Black Intrepid with a white top and a search light out the driver's window to look as much like a police car as possible. BASTARD. He was with me for the whole length of K-10)) Had I paranormal powers, there would have been an excessive number of seemingly-fatal accidents on my route home yesterday.