July 30th, 2006


Galway girls don't use no comb

Oh, that's a big fat lie! Back from the O'Halloran family reunion. Not as big as I expected, but then the only people that came from out of state were my aunt and uncle from New Hampshire.

I learned that Great Great Grandpa Patrick was born in 1839 in *mumble town*, Galway, Ireland. And he had at least 8 brothers, as 7 went to Australia and were never heard from again and an eighth came to the US to keep Patrick company (That would be Dennis O'Halloran).

I learned that there are WAY too many Thomas' in the family for me to have named my son that.

And Patricks, but that's to be expected, right?

Lots of Williams, too, as it turns out.

And my several times removed cousin Alice Lou really is the trip my mother calls her. She's the one that put the reunion together. She's says she did it because she never seemed to get out to see everyone, so she'd just make it so everyone came to see HER. Makes sense to me.