August 1st, 2006


I suspect I have read too much Jane Austen

I keep finding myself trying to use her grammar and style. :p

But Mansfield Park took far longer than I expected it to, to read. And it wasn't that I wasn't engaged in the story, so I have no idea why it took so long. Maybe I just had to really think about what she was saying.... and not saying. Glory, but she skewered Aunt Norris at every turn.

I can't bring myself to read Emma for some reason. It's not because it seems to be the longest, but that I am fairly sure it's a comedy of errors and comes dreadfully close to the 'comedy' of, say, I Love Lucy, which always annoyed me more than amused me.

So I pass on to Northanger Abbey and see what Jane Austen's take on a gothic novel is. Not that I know what a gothic novel is, myself....