August 28th, 2006


(no subject)

I have been hearing about 'Dawn' for only about a year now, so I guess that means I am seriously out of the loop. But yesterday, thanks to auroraceleste, I got my hands on two graphic novels, so I have a better idea of what the fuss is about.

The graphics are something else. (and, OMG, the costumes!) The stories... *blink, blink* I am not sure I am supposed to be sure of those.... I am also not sure if I am supposed to be seeing Ahura (?) Mazda, Lucifer, Darrion and one aspect of the Horned God as all looking alike. (okay, MAYBE Darrion and that one aspect of the Horned God. And almost certainly the first two. But all four?) It might just be that they are all blonds and the facial art just isn't different enough. *shrugs*

But, lordy, did that bedtime reading make for interesting dreams.