August 31st, 2006

November by softpaw

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50/50 Sierra Mist/OJ is good stuff.

I wish I could wake up.

I wish I could muster up some more excitment about Ren Fest. AT this point, I am currently only excited because of the people I will get to see. But I have heard good things about Chess Match and the openning skit, so I am looking forward to those.

I wish I could run with the big dogs in WoW. Getting the equivalent of 'you're too little' after expressing an interest in a quest with a reward I've been salivating over is damn depressing. I couldn't concentrate after that and just... well, I quit playing for the evening. But then...

I wish my back would stop hurting. And then my legs would stop hurting.

You know, I am not sure I am in the best of moods today. Maybe it's lack of sleep or something.

Edit: The cool weather is fabulous. I wish I were in a better mood to enjoy it. Maybe I will spend a break out in the courtyard - I think I need some sun.

This is just kind of ironic.

I have had very few negative encounters with ANYONE in WoW so far. (Guildies insensitive comment aside.) I can think of precisely two. One time an Alliance character repeatedly killed things my bro and sis-in-law and I needed to hunt (at level ~15) for quests before we could reach them. The other kept jumping in front of my bobber while I was fishing in Booty Bay. Both were WAY higher level than I was at the time, so goading me into a fight seems rather pointless. (on the other hand, that last incident taught me the wonder that is /rude. Damn, that's just funny. Made me feel better, too. The Ally ROFLed for it, even.)

Thing is, both times the characters in question were... Palladins. Yes, the one's that are supposed to be paragons of goodness. Taunting noobs. All I can do is shake my head.