September 11th, 2006


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No KCRF for me this weekend. Instead I went to Hutch for the Kansas State Fair. True to form, it rained, but it was a morning rain and just kept the dust down. There was a lady there doing a sand sculpture nearly twice her height. She started on Friday and expects to be done on Tuesday. Thomas was engrossed and didn't want to leave. We went back two more times through the day to see progress. It really is facinating to watch. Glad she works well while being stared at.

We tryed to see a sheep shearing, but the crowd was too thick. Thomas didn't mind because he was facinated with the woman spinning wool into yarn, instead. We'd pry him away to see something else, and he'd gravitate back.

He liked the little baby chicks much more than the little baby pigs.

We both went on the bungee jump ride/thing. He just jumped, and didn't try to spin. I did spins, but am paying for it - first try at a spin stressed or sprained something in the area of my right collarbone. Oh, and that first aborted spin nearly had me land head first on the trampoline. lol

We took the train ride. We ended up in the 'coal car'...AGAIN. Just like last year. That thing is SOOO not made for adults, much less two. But we survived.

We had Call Hall ice cream. These last two occurances happen every year, you understand.

We actually stopped and watch taffy being made. Our timing was such that we were just in time to watch as chocolate was added to one batch, it was taken off the hooks, and walnut was placed on. That was WAY cool to watch.

The consession stands idea of lemonade seems to be VERY sugary water with a hint of lemon. I was not impressed and I don't much like sour lemonade.

Pronto Pups are still as good as I remember (they didn't please me last year - it must have been a bad batch of batter.)

Things have been moved around a good bit. If we had had the energy to see all we usually see (I was in pain, remember) I wonder what we would have found in the old Domestic Arts building - just quilts and cross-stitch? Everyting else seemed to be in the Oz Building.

Didn't see any horses this time around, as there were only two shows listed: PoA in the early morning and draft horses in the evening. Maybe we should have just gone to the Expo II building - PoA may well have just been a long showing.

Sunday we didn't go back, as it was taken up with picking up G'ma O from the farm, bringing her into town for church, then lunch with said G'ma O. G'ma G stopped by after lunch and Mom and Dad showed the two of them their Cruise photos. That was still going on when I left at 3 lol