September 28th, 2006


(no subject)

K-10 is pleasingly empty between 4 and 4:30 am. I-435 between 4:30 and 4:45 am was a little more populated, but not by much.

And yet, we were delayed an hour when someone panicked about whether the room we were in was acceptable for aseptic compounding or not (it was).

And it took an hour and a half to get the pH right.

But a sample has been sent to analytics and soon we know if we are to put the stuff in the pressure tanks or cry.

First though, I want some food, darn it! The bottle of Boost drunk at 4 am is well and truly gone.

Edit: it was very nearly 'cry'. First it was out of spec high because analytics was not aware they had to correct for the water content of the API (14.66% is a whopping chunk of the weight!). After correcting for that, it's low, but not out of spec. So, we survive. Yay!