September 29th, 2006

Head desk

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When I first heard that George W. Bush was running for president, my first thought was 'shit, the bastard will get elected on his father's name alone'. It was about this time I quit watching TV because I can NOT stand listening to that man talk. Ever. I am not sure I can express just how much I do not like listening to him. And this was BEFORE he even had the nomination of the Republican party.

Then, he was president (can't actually say he was 'elected'), and I figured (hoped) he'd be pretty well ineffectual and things would go on as always. A gal can hope.

Didn't quite happen that way, did it?

When I thought about him getting another term in office I literally got panic attacks. And this from someone who hasn't really been paying attention to the TV.

I can NOT figure out why ANYONE would vote for him again, so I could calm myself.

And yet, here he is with a second term. And I find myself, contrary to ALL previous experience, paying attention to conspiracy theories about it. Either there's a conspiracy or I have NO understanding of the thought processes of 50% of voters in this nation.

I am dumbfounded by the torture bill. At this point, my only hope is that the Supreme Court will get rid of it for the right-destroying piece of shit it is. Lord knows, the people that voted FOR it aren't going to be trying to get rid of it.

What can a person do, when our 'representatives' aren't and the only voting choices are 'Bad' and 'Worse'? Run myself? Bwahahahahaha! I haven't the personality for it and there are pictures on the 'net to make that rather pointless. I am entirely too fond of prancing around conventions in corsets and short skirts.