October 1st, 2006


Ren Fest

I decided I was in too much of a rut, seeing the same shows, in the same order, and was determined to shake things up a bit.

First, I picked up my Royal Pass swag, to make sure I didn't forget it completely.

Then I wanted to see a Ball game, but it hadn't started yet. Wandered away a bit and ran into renfestlady (at least, I think it was. If it wasn't I shall be all embarrassed apology, but, considering something later in my narrative, I won't be the slightest bit surprised.) She had just gotten a jingly belt fixed at the Shop That Always Gets My Money, but while we were talking, it broke again, so we bravely stepped back in. She just wasn't allowed to leave, it seems, because TWO more things she was wearing broke as she tried to leave and needed to be fixed. Me, I bought a necklace, having forgotten the one I meant to wear. And earrings.... to match, you understand. Oh, and the necklace was JUST under the limit for CC purchases. Oh, darn.

As I left the shop, the brothel was just arriving at the Balls grounds, so I was in luck. Quite the exciting game, for all it was interrupted for an impromptu poetry reading. Apparently I should be called Lady Oblivious. Just saying. Sorry clevermanka.

The brothel always sounds like exciting things happen around them, but I thought I would just wander where they were. Got distracted by a woman spinning, but didn't lose them. Got to see the Madam 'pressed' in the old style... over the head of (I think I have this right) femfataleatron - THREE TIMES. A sight to remember, I'm telling you!

I believe it was time for parade at this point. I was so still (and "perfectly arrayed") during parade a woman thought I was a manikin! :O

I believe I wandered alone for a bit at this point. Stopped to say hello to jimmy_hollaman and get a hug.

Also said hello to dragonet2 and wandered on to the Soup Kitchen about the time the brothel arrived. Got to see the Madam be gifted with a funny little clay medallion. Pouted a bit at gamera_spinning not wearing his finery, but it's hot and I totally understand. I am just selfish. Got to chat with him a bit, and since we both needed to go to our cars, walked out with him. Afterwards, we caught the Washing Well Wenches. About the time I started wondering just how long the show was, gamera_spinning left to change for Chess Match. I didn't stay much longer than he did. Don't get me wrong - the show was fun.... just went on too long.

Next stop was the Dell where I watched the SCA practice fight until the Chess match. Pounced on fantomas71 at my first chance and grilled him about how school was going. Ended up watching the chess match from the side, rather than front and center, as I have the previous four times. Out, out, damn rut!

After Chess match I wandered just a little way when I heard my name called out sharply. I was confronted by two grinning women. It wasn't until one said 'You don't recognize me, do you?" that I had an inkling. Even then, she had to SAY she was Kelly (my college roommate) before I could even place the voice. OMG, has she managed to lose weight. It's thinned and refined her face to near unrecognizability. Good for her! Now I know why she's doing that charity run!!!

We chatted and caught up and then watched the tail end of a Tullamore show, followed by the Jolly Rogers All Request show (we are agreed that a fair day should not end without catching the JR's at least once), then Pub Sing, which was hysterical. But I keep missing Seymore. Is he only there on Sundays? Or maybe only on non-Kerri days? :p

As usual, I left after that, chased out by the Mermaid song (how I hate it) at front gate. Stopped to talk with desahra before heading to my car to get OUT of the green gown and head home. So wonderful to leave when I want to!

I forgot something here. There were several times that little kids (mostly girls) would just stand and stare at me. I must suck at drawing them out, because I could get them to answer questions like 'Have you enjoyed the fair?" and "What was your favorite part?" but nothing more. Two little girls (while I was talking with Kelly) did this and I would never have known they wanted a picture taken with me if their mother hadn't intervened. I think that's what they came up to ask me about, but maybe that was really their mother's idea and they couldn't figure out how to broach the subject themselves. Another little one (really little) seemed to want something from me, but even putting a sleeve out for him to pet wasn't enough. He stared as if trying to decide if it was safe, then hightailed it to Mom.

Almost forgot.

I must snark, even if it's after 1 am.

Bethsoft's Oblivion will be out for the PS3. I am sure they will be very happy together.

<-- not bitter about the console UI on the PC version of Oblivion. Not at all. Perish the thought.