October 3rd, 2006


(no subject)

I had the most WONDERFUL tasting sushi dinner last night at Sushi Station with adammaker. And for some reason, the chef likes us and kept putting more little tidbits in our chirashi. OMG, so good! Every little bit (and usually there's one or two fish that I only kind of like) tasted marvelous. Foodgasm.

On the other hand, I was witness to an incident I can only interpret as 'stalker'. Gave me the willies and, at the same time, put my back up good. I don't think I will say more.

My dreams last night were... well, I remember they were exciting and full, but even the impressions are slipping away from me. I say it was the fish.

But I was too late getting to bed last night. It's my own fault (I can, MAYBE, blame my brother and sister-in-law a bit, but only in their timing).

I started Rage Fire Chasm in WoW at 10. We cleared it just a bit before 12. I am too stubbron not to tag up quests before logging, so.... I think I got to bed about 12:30.

BUT, I really want to talk about this instance a bit. First off, it's the first time I have run an instance with all 'family'. There was me, my brother, my sister-in-law, a friend of my brothers' (who I have met in person) and his wife (whom I don't think I have met). These are all people in our 'family' chat channel, so I feel comfortable with them and we all know we have to communicate with each other, and even know how.

We had a very well rounded group - a warrior, a priest, a mage, a shaman and my rogue. The run started off pretty smooth, until we hit the first flood room. We got our only wipe (actually, only deaths, period) there because we accidently aggroed two groups of three rather than one. But we learned a lot, which is the point of this first-of-all-others instance.

Everything went really smoothly after that. The mage and shaman learned that Sheeping (how I love it!) and Fire Totems really don't mix well. The priest learned she can keep the whole party alive. The warrior learned where to body-pull and where to let the mage Sheep-pull. And I learned... well, I know I learned that being able to Backstab all the time is really fun! And Sapping has some rather unfortunate side effects. But failing the Sap, or getting caught trying, is worse. LOL But we all learned that we CAN stay alive, even when things don't go QUITE the way we planned. It was great!

But Blizzard's reliance on random drop quest items bit us here. There's a finite number of Burning Blade Cultists, and NONE of them dropped one of the two books we needed. Bugger. Not sure how we are going to deal with that. Try to all be on at the same time to try this again (that's two more hours... but it's good practice)? Try to get in a pick up group to get that last quest item (not really appealing, for all I haven't been in a truely bad group for instance running yet)? Have higher levels run parts of our group through 'whenever' to get it? Just drop the quest and forget about it?

Dunno. Maybe we can figure something out tonight. Or maybe not. My bro and SiL aren't on nearly as much as I am, and the friend and wife are on less.