October 5th, 2006


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Had a little puzzlement this morning. First, I dropped Thomas off at his dad's, as I usually do on Thursday mornings, but when I got back to my car, the dome light would not turn on. I opened and closed my door a few times, but that didn't help. I moved the switch between 'off' 'auto' and 'off'. The light would only come on in the 'on' position. I put it back to 'auto' and put the key in the ignition - the dome light came on and would not go back off. I openned the door and closed it again to no effect. Frustrating. I turned the switch to 'off' and drove out. I mulled this over, dreading having to take the car in to be fixed, when two things occurred to me. The BACK door had been opened and I was pretty sure I was hearing more road noise behind me than usual. At my next stop, sure enough, the door was not completely closed.

Very glad I did not embarrass myself in front of a mechanic over this.

Second, I noticed the light this morning. It was cloudy and yet seemed lighter at 7 than I expected it to be. Just 20 minutes earlier it was dark. The light was the odd yellow of dusk and dawn, but it was so light I worried I was late, somehow. Very odd. Maybe I am usually distracted by the pretty sunrise and just don't notice how light it gets.

Now, to WoW. You KNEW it was coming, right?

A quick trip through the vestibule to Uldaman for two quests, but one of the party disconnected and never did come back. I feel guilty leaving him in the middle of that, but what could we do?

After that two guild member mentioned being bored, so I (almost jokingly) suggested taking my hunter through SM, as she had four quests stored up for it. One said he'd be happy to go, but only on an alt (PL), the other (HP) said he'd take both of us through, as soon as he finished the Strat run he was on.

So PL and I head to SM, and, since there was no reason not to, started killing monks. While we were doing that, a character (MC) asked to join us. No good reason not to, we add him. That's the start of my strangest instance group to date. We had people coming and going for the next three hours. We DID finish the Library, but I failed to get my key (in a CHEST? not on the body? cheap.). PL had to leave at some point. Other players came and went, but we rarely were less than five the whole time. MC was still with me by the time we called it a run, but he was the only one there for the 'whole' thing. A warrior I have run an instance with before joined at some point later and was there for the rest of the run. HP never didn't get free of that Strat run. lol It wasn't my smoothest run, but things didn't really start going bad until after 10, when I should have been logged off anyway.

Also, I installed some mods, the most interesting being Damage Meter. According to that the warrior did more damage than my hunter... but only if you don't add my pet's damage. With that, I beat the pants off everybody. I suppose that's as it should be, since I was the highest level character there.

I would note, if someone really wants us to concentrate our damage on one thing at a time, AND they are the leader of the group specifically so they can mark targets, they should be rather more consistant in their marking of targets than this person was. Oh, well. I learn something new every time.