October 6th, 2006


...and there was the moon.

Taking Thomas to his Dad's house has me going due west for a good bit of the trip. (Note, I don't usually have him Thursday evenings, but this was a special case). I don't recall ever seeing the moon quite the way I saw it this morning. So big, so full, so right in front of me I would go up a hill and *poof* there it would be, a pretty surprise, every hill. Not bad. Not bad at all.

On the other hand, I haven't gone to bed on time all week. And the fatigue is definitly catching up to me.

And this is an explanation for a friend, who probably knows who s/he is:

I have spent WAY too much time on various computer gaming chat boards, both multiplayer and single player. One of the things I can pretty much depend on being there (besides trolls) are people who have decided on their own set of 'The Rules', regardless of what the game makers themselves allow, and can't seem to keep these rules to themselves (I am sure there are people with their own rules, who CAN keep them to themselves. But I am not going to hear from them, am I?). They try to guilt other people into playing by THEIR rules, rather than just the game makers rules and insist anyone that doesn't play by this internal set of rules is somehow not actually 'playing' the game. Or worse, is 'cheating'. To which I say 'walk east 'til your hat floats'. I will continue to do the things the game makers themselves allow, and enjoy them, unless there is a stated rule to the contrary, in which case, I won't do that thing. No one else's rules need apply. And, yes, I AM playing the game. And, no, I am NOT cheating.