October 11th, 2006


(no subject)

As I left work yesterday, I reflected on the fact that it looked and felt like Autumn to me. The leaves are turning to fire and falling, the air was cool and there was moisture in it.

But then I hit I-435... in the rain... lord, can people just not drive in the rain, or something? What normally takes me 15 minutes took 35. And I don't think it was simply the fact that I was leaving work an hour later than usual, although I am sure that had an effect.

WoW was... interesting last night. stormknight and I got into a pick up group for Wailing Cavern that said it NEEDED a tank (I was playing my warrior.). I get in the group to find that it already contained a druid (that seemed to like his Cat form.) and two hunters (pets work great as tanks). Um.... And they aren't terribly communicative. The only time I saw the leader say anything was unintelligible stuff that must have been about a duel - that he was watching.

Hardy any communtication in the instance. Everyone but I am a skinner and they all want the scales. They can't seem to understand that we need to pick a target, because I just can't hold aggro past anyone else's attacks unless it's the mob I am attacking (there must be a way. I will have to review the talents and skills open to me). But that's okay, since we had FOUR tanks. I guess.

We were halfway round the first major room of the instance when one hunter leaves (or was booted....) When we got fully around the first room, I got booted. Where upon stormknight leaves, too. We work as a team, after all. That left two in the instance. I do hope they had fun... or something.

I don't know if the leader was a kid, like my son, who is clueless about grouping and instances (and none to quick to read chat and even slower to respond) or a fully-knowing prick.

What-ever, I suppose I had to fall into a bad grouping some time. Glad it took so long.

We still had an hour until my usual sign off time, so we killed another quest in the Barrens. For a change, stormknight's character got all the quest items first, and it was my character with the slower luck.

Oh, yeah. And I totally embarassed myself by sending a message meant for family chat to the Guild Recruitment channel. Damn that for messing with my chat channel numbers. All my characters are in a guild now, which fixes that problem.