November 22nd, 2006

Bite me

(no subject)

Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHhmulance. I need it: I have slipped into "po' po' piffle me" mode.

Oh, and KU is a painted hussy, who gets her kicks hording lovers. I have needed to say that for... at least half a year now, possibly more.

And, on another subject completely, there's nothing like a client who calls up and want the moon, the stars, the goose that laid golden eggs... and a pony - all by Monday. Well, actually, what he wants is two Master Batch Records completely done by Monday, which might actually be worse. And all because.... *he* messed up. I only vague wish I could find some sympathy.

Where the hell is that WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHhmulance, anyway?
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