November 24th, 2006


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Yesterday was full

The entire G. clan (minus my son. EDIT: and two of my cousins.) decended on Grandma G.'s house for a wonderful meal.

Then some of us played Munchkin while everyone else talked.

Then I, my brothers (my s-i-l decided at the last minute not to go), my father and my youngest uncle went to see Casino Royale. I haven't enjoyed a Bond movie so much in... maybe ever, actually.

(While we were gone, S-i-L and several of the cousins made-over the only great-granddaughter. (When did she turn so womanly?!) Mom expressed being impressed with the results.)

Came home to more Munchkin with the two youngest brothers (every single brother towers over me now. Heck, they tower over DAD.)

Then the first 6 episodes of the first season of the Muppets, then bed.

It was a very good day.