December 5th, 2006


Exciting morning

The first part of the trip was pretty typical and boring (except I didn't have to slow down from K-7, that is downright unheard of!)

As I approached the construction on I435, however... THREE cars either tried to change lanes into me, or didn't see the new lines (the lighting, the salt, the old lines being ground off and more obvious... really, the new lines WERE hard to see) and tried to follow the old. Hello?! I am right here!

Then I see a warning that there's an accident near 103rd street and two left lanes are blocked. Not knowing where 103rd street is, I stay in the left lane and hope my (71) exit comes up first. No (although 103rd isn't actually an exit in my direction, so I am covered for not knowing where it is... right?) BUT, there was no accident in my direction (maybe at one time....) but there IS one in the other direction, blocking at least two lanes, maybe three.

THEN, as if that wasn't enough... there was a fire truck and ambulance in the parking lot here at work. Seems a co-worker called his boss from his car saying he couldn't get out. The current belief right now is heart attack. sigh.

I have to wonder: is it safer to stay, or just turn around and go home? ;p

Ah, and it's 77 degrees in here today. Yesterday it started at 74 and rose to 78. I am only comfortable because a) I am not moving around and b) I am drinking ice water (in DECEMBER!!).

And that Batch Record I got back from QA is still on my desk. It didn't conviniently evaporate (no, I am not completely shirking - I have requested some time with the Auditor to determine exactly what he wants me to do).

Oh, dear. The excitment continued.

Another accident, this time on K-10 just outside Lawrence. It was several cars and completely blocked three lanes (both inbound and one outbound). This is definitely a record for me for number of accidents past in one WEEK, must less one day. I do hope no one was seriously hurt.