December 14th, 2006


Three off-the-wall things that make me happy

1. Dangle-y, jingle-y earrings that don't get caught in my hair.
2. A sudden, warm gust of wind, especially on a bright, sunny day.
3. Reaching to scratch my lower back and encountering my hair.

(and either my settings have been changed for me, or LJ has changed defaults again. This 'update' page is looking only vaguely familiar. What, me? Resist change?)


My boss just gave us prezzies. It's a pretty little tin with chocolates and mints inside. Once I opened mine, I didn't bother trying to resist the urge to stick my face right in it and just inhale. Mmmmmmmmmm choco-mint! I have mentioned that I really like my boss, haven't I?
Corset short

Ahhhh, posting fool again.

One would think I would consolidate these, but no! Not me.

The follow contains nothing spoilery, unless you want to know absolutely nothing, not even what you can read on the dustjacket.

Read the newest LKH Mistral's Kiss. Of the 200 some pages, I would gauge that about 150 are all about sex. LOL And yet, she still manages to have a character make a believable change. Anyway, bad copy editting aside, I did enjoy it. Just... don't expect too much plot. Merry is simply continuing her long jaunt as the God and Goddess' chosen agent of change (I think the events in the book took only about as long as I took to read it - 4 hours). I know it's not for everyone, but I really get off on that. Oh, and I believe Merry finally made a conscious decision that I think has been inevitable from book one; on the other hand, LKH has had Anita do that, too, only to have her relapse in the next book. *shrug*