January 17th, 2007


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Saw a little snippet of frostbow this morning. (This is the type of -bow that you face towards the sun to see, unlike rainbows, where you face away from the sun to see them.) It was really intense. I don't know what put that little cloud of frost in the air, though.

What is it with boys and fart jokes? Thomas has been on a fart kick for some months now.

The ex and his wife are on a business trip, so I am Super Single Mommy this week. This means I get to work late and leave early. This was a blessing (to me) last night, as the rest of the group was here VERY late.

Traffic to work between 8 and 8:30 is really light in the direction I go.

I will be putting Burning Crusade on the ex's computer so I can play tonight while Thomas plays on the Wii his Dad recently bought. The ex gave a rather enthusiastic 'yes' when I asked for permission. LOL

I really knew this already, but 5-manning is the way to level in Wow. Two runs with my brothers through Hellfire Citadel and I am halfway to 61. I didn't have time for more. And that just isn't a very big instance. But the lag OUTSIDE the instance was a very compelling reason to go 5-manning, if I needed one.

Oh, yeah, and 'Clients! Can't reason with them, and don't have work without them.' Seems they had to SEE their pie-in-the-sky idea wouldn't work last night. Of course, THEY don't have to deal with the fallout.

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I fell twice today. Once at Thomas' school and once at his father's house. Both times on flat (not inclined) ice and both times went flat on my back.

But.... I don't really hurt. Except my back, but it hurt before. I wonder if I will feel it more tomorrow.