February 20th, 2007


(no subject)

Either my taster has changed over time, or yogurt has. And I know the likelihood of the latter. Used to be I couldn't stand yogurt because it was too sour. Now.... it's sour? o.O

Maybe I should give oil and vinegar dressings another try... and my mother's coleslaw....

But the new mixer and stand are unboxed and assembled.

As I was opening the box with the box knife, I remember thinking 'Try not to cut yourself, Child of Grace.'.

I put the box cutters down and started trying to pull out the expanded-in-place foam packing. It gave suddenly and I, lucky person that I am, managed to find a sharp little burr on the metal of the part I was trying to free. I now have a 2 inch slice along the top of my right index finger. (the burr was so sharp, I still don't feel the slice. Actually, I don't quite understand that part. It really should be hurting by now....)

But not from the box cutter. I get points for that, right?