March 8th, 2007


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I apparently wasn't supposed to sleep this morning. At least not past about 4 am. Bah.


Things I want to remember to do on the way home tonight -

Stop by JoAnn's to look at ribbon. And maybe tassles. Cord?

Stop by the pet store for RO water for the humidifier

Stop by Hancock's to take advantage of the 50% off interfacing. (by the way, does Hancock's ever NOT have fleece on sale?)

Stop by an office supply store to pick up a box of medium binder clips (Holding bias binding in place with binder clips! Hee hee) since smuggling a box out from work isn't ethical. "Tempting... but, no."

I think that's about it....

My shoppinig trip was a qualified success.

When I first got off I-435 onto Metcalf and immediately got stuck in along line at a light... I feared the worst. But, a miracle occurred and I sailed through traffic both to JoAnn's and back to I-435. I don't understand it. I did say, out loud, WOW! after merging onto I-435 and getting all the way to the left lane without any trouble at all - traffic just opened up for me.

JoAnn's supplied white satin ribbon for lacing, two possible pairs of tassles and some ... not really 'right' white and silver ribbon. If I wanted white and GOLD ribbon, I would have been in luck, but no. Bah.

Pet store had water. Had to make myself keep going - I'm not much of a shopper.

Office Depot had the binder clips.

Tuesday Morning had nothing I thought I needed, but supplied a garmet bag and skirt hangers, so it wasn't a bad choice to stop in there.

Hancock's supplied the expected interfacing, but also supplied some keen silver cord. Sweet!

I was headed home on Iowa when I started thinking about shoes for Lilith... and remembered perusing Payless's website, thanks to themadblonde. So, I turned around (remember, I don't like shopping but I turned around!) and got these. But I can't wear them until Constume Con! The horror.

So I got these!

My mostly-ignored inner shoe fetishist better shut up now.