March 9th, 2007


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When I went to Naka-Kon I somehow managed to fail to pack my toothbrush. I am unsure how I managed this, as I got all the toiletries from AROUND the toothbrush. But this lack could not stand for long and I made a stop at a nearby store for a new toothbrush. And I got an electric toothbrush, for the first time ever. I had been resisting them as pointless gadgetry, but decided to finally give one a try. Why not? They just aren't that expensive.

Boy was I wrong about the 'pointless gadgetry' idea. The backsides of my front teeth haven't been this clean in.... a long time (since my last dentist visit, I am thinking). Conventional toothbrushes just can't get into the concave surfaces well at all, but these little electric ones... I don't think I will be going back to conventional toothbrushes.

Changing the subject:

I recently re-read Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley. (She wrote Beauty: a retelling of Beauty and the Beast 20 years before. They both cleave closely to the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, but manage to be different stories.) I vaguely remember being disappointed the first time I read it, but can't for the life of me figure out why. I really enjoyed reading it this time. Hopefully, Ms. McKinley will feel the need to rewrite the story AGAIN in about 10 years (it's been 10 years since Rose Daughter came out) and I won't take 10 more years to appreciate it.