March 13th, 2007

sewing action

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The paint washes off easily with soap. Yay!

Something I didn't mention on the first face painting post - I must remember not to smile bigger than a Mona Lisa smile, or I look demonic. Demonic Lilith.... hmmmmm. Appropriate for the original, but not so much for the Trinity Blood version. I will likely forget anyway.

My file WAS restored. Oh, happy day! It's been sent off to the Doc. Prep. Unit and is out of my hands.

Puff paint.... is going to be trouble. I think I want a wider bead (but only on parts) than I am getting... and keeping an even bead may well be beyond me. *sigh*. But, oh, would it ever be sweet for those armbands I thought would be silver and white ribbon (but couldn't find any).

And I haven't even touched the latex.

Headdress madness

Here's the headdress crescent as it is now.
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The paint goes off the edges intentionally - I am trying to encase the raw edges. This may or may not work. If it doesn't, hey, I can make another pretty easy.

There is a layer of thin white silk Wonderundered to black cotton. This laminate layer is flat lined to two layers of canvas that contain a wire along both curves and short bits of ever so slightly curved plastic boning (I KNEW I would use that to my advantage) near each end to force the crescent to become slightly concave at either end.

But my artistic skills are pretty low, so I didn't even manage to make each side a mirror image of the other. *sigh*