March 20th, 2007


Three things that... kinda... go together.

I have kept my promise to myself to do SOMETHING costume related everyday. It just wasn't all that much yesterday (had auroraceleste mark the top line of the overskirt. And that's all. Well, short of doodling at work to come up with a decorative pattern for the sleeves.)

Watched two disks (8 episodes) of Fate/Stay Night. OMG, what a place to stop. Want MORE. I do hope this isn't a series that never actually ends.... But... why the heck did Our Hero (really, he should be a Servant with his attitude and reflexes, not a Master. Amusing, though.) suddenly stop worrying about the Master that wants to suck the life out of everyone at the school? A little talk and *poof* it's like that spell never existed. :( I suppose I will just *HAVE* to watch the rest. Oh, darn. The fact that all the Servants are Calm, Cool and Compentent ALL THE TIME (while the other characters go all anime on us at times) doesn't hurt my feelings at all.

When I broke the needle on the serger, I bend the holy heck out of the 'finger' in the base plate, too, it seems. *sigh*. Now, do I see about getting that fixed, or remind myself this was a 'training' serger to decide if I wanted a 'real' one. Because I really do like using a serger. I probably ought to look into buying one. But I really only need a simple one that works well. Does such exist?

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First mosquito bite of the season. It's too early, surely?

Oh, and serger. I... I... IgotaBabyLock. The Imagine, because the rest have way too many features I will never use. But, dammit, Bob's HAD them, and the other sewing place didn't have any sergers in and I wanted one NOW.

Works like a dream, though. A sweet, sweet dream. And I get a 'free' lesson. Need to figure out when....

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Maybe listening to the radio isn't such a good idea.

First there was this commercial for something they called 'March MADras'. Emphasis on the first syllable, there. Took me a while to decide they were deliberately misprounouncing the name of a certain city in India. This was mearly irritating.

Next commercial was for Sprint cell service, where I was encouraged to join the Sprint Power Network. Now, I am pretty sure Sprint has only one network, so some jackass decided to 'punch it up' a bit with this superfluous 'Power' BS. That made me angry.

THEN, the very next commercial was for some stupid, Fugitive-ripoff movie called 'The Shooter' and I decided Cain was right - the human race deserves to die.