March 22nd, 2007


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I accompanied a storm to work this morning. I think my car is about as clean as rain can get it.

Last night I finally did the thing that I really didn't want to do. I removed the sleeves from the top for Lilith, so I can put the (hopefully more correctly shaped) replacement sleeves in. I also did the last painting on the detail of the sleeves, so I didn't put the sleeves in yet (still wet). Now, to decide if I want to sew in the bells before or after I set in the sleeves.... They are kind of bulky, so I may just want to do that after.

I also cut out the ruffled 'vent' on the back, because it was bulky and uncomfortable under the corset. auroraceleste suggested I put in a modesty panel (the wig will over it, but she's probably still right) and I did that by sewing a rectangular panel of thin cotton to the back of the top, rather than to the corset. Mighty comfy, actually, and long enough to pull down from under the corset. It will also help keep the top from shifting out of the corset over time.

Things still to do:

make silvery wrist bands.

make and attach long cuffs.

make the collar

make the shoulder protector ... thing

Finish the top of the overskirt and make it attach to the corset.

Add the button holes on the overskirt.

make the placket for the top and put in the button holes on that. Attach to top.

Style the wig

assemble the 'handlebars' for the headdress.

Decide if I want to sacrifice some of my necklaces (that I never do remember to wear) for the chains on the front of the ensemble.

Make sure the nails fit, and figure out what to do if they don't.

Add all the bells and pearls.

Make the paint/latex 'tattoos'. SOON, so they are truly dry.