March 26th, 2007


Do you think they will come take my Girl licence away?

I have neither comb nor mirror in my purse. And haven't for quite some time, for that matter.

My world continues to revolve around the costume, but soon, soon, it will all be over, one way or the other.

I had a rather pleasant dream this morning, in which (for part of the time) I was snuggled up to someone and running my fingers through his hair. Wish I knew who he was....

More Lilith. Duh.

I made the shoulder guard... thing. Or, at least, the part that goes over the arm. I need to make the part that sits on the shoulder itself. That won't be hard.

I used tag board to determine the size and shape I wanted, then I did some experiments to see how much the Fosshape (a kind of felted stuff that compacts and hardens when steam ironed) shrunk. Looks like it shrinks about a quarter inch per starting inch. Then I cut out the amount of Fosshape I thought I would need (plus a little) and ironed it over a humidifier tank. lol. But, hey, it worked, didn't it?

Then I used my tag board pattern to both determine the Fossshape's final shape (and cut it out that way) and to mark the shape on the fabric I planned to cover the Fosshape with. I used a black pen to draw my best impression of the pattern the guard should have and cut the fabric out with a ~1 inch allowance.

Then I used basting spray on the fabric, smoothed it over the Fossshape and used hot glue to attach the allowance to the back of the Fosshape.

Don't laugh, it worked!

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The standing collar

First, I have to say, OMG, it worked! It wasn't just a hair-brained scheme. The shape isn't perfect, but I don't have time to keep trying.

It's basically a rectangle of fabric with eight double-ended darts along it. I put plastic boning (which inevitably has come curve to it) in pockets at each dart and both ends, and spiral steel boning in boning tape sewn to the top and bottom edges.

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Yes, more Lilith

Blue sharpie (two colors) bleeds a little bit when applied and will smudge if I rub it hard enough with my fingers. But it didn't shift under clothing.

Blue sharpie paint (and odd stuff it is) isn't quite the right color, darn it, but didn't bleed or smudge and didn't shift under clothing.

Wolffe Brother's skin paint with Ben Nye Sealant didn't bleed, smudge or shift and has the added benefit of washing off completely when I want it to.

Guess I am back to the paint-and-sealant plan.