April 5th, 2007


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First a good thing: Fuji apples, in my opinion, are all things good about apples and none of the bad. YMMV

I could NOT drag my sorry carcass out of bed in any timely way this morning, and subsequently was late leaving the house. The later I am, the worse traffic gets. To make matters worse, I kind of needed to get gas this morning, making me later. UGH.

And, to top it off, my back is FUBAR in a novel way and sitting still becomes torturous. *whimper* And I plan to drive down to Hutch tomorrow. *pitiful moan*

Okay, hopefully, that's the last of my pity party and I can start being a little more upbeat. A body can hope!

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I got a Tangram-a-day calender this year (I think I mentioned it before) and on Thursdays they give us four related shapes, but in a small size, making them more difficult to figure out, since you can't just try to fill in the outline.

Today's are titled "Ladies Dresses" and the amusing part is that I recognize all four silhouettes from well-known paintings! Hee hee! (I would post a picture or scan, if I could.)

Events outside my control are not helping the mood.

Clients that are 'OMGRUSH!' gave me some (probably innocent) mis-information and now I have three working days to fix a damned big mess. Not. Happy.

And now I start in on the guilt trips. This I know I do to myself, but I am not happy to know this, as that just increases the guilt and anger.

I feel guilty for excluding someone that very obviously wishes to be included, but:
I really, really wish there was some remedy for T.'s (remember him from about two years ago?) extreme social ineptness, so he could catch a clue that, when someone is cold to him most all the time, a polite answer to a direct question IS NOT an invitation to social intimacy. *sigh*. But I am never really given an opening to re-iterate my direct 'No' from when he last asked me out, so I am not sure how I can be really direct about things. Without being more rude than simply ignoring him is. Of course, if he weren't quite SO socially inept, I wouldn't object to including him, now would I?
sewing action

No, really, I shouldn't.

I thought my next costuming project would be Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan's Winterfair gown from Cordelia's Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold, which would be challenging since I would have only a sketchy description to go by.

But, noooooo, I just HAD to get fixated on something else.

I think I mentioned that an expansion to The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion came out. It has all sorts of new art work. I thought some of the original clothing was tempting, but then I saw this in Shivering Isles and I was lost. Completely lost. I must attempt this.

And only the most geeky of gaming geeks are likely to get it. *sigh*

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