April 6th, 2007


(no subject)

There were sparklies in my headlights this morning. And it wasn't dust or flower petals, more's the pity. I hear Salina got three inches of snow. In April. *sigh*

Slept like a log (despite the sangria with dinner), yay! Was still hard to haul myself out of bed however.

Oh, lordy, it's almost EASTER. How did that happen? Oh, and my mother's birthday (same day this year. :O) GIFT! Must remember a gift. argh.

The problem that landed on my lap yesterday afternoon may have a simple, if unconventional, fix. I shall worship at the feet of the co-worker that thought it up, if it works.

I really need to stop thinking up costuming solutions while I am supposed to be working. Bad enough they take up my brain cycles while driving or sleeping, but....