April 10th, 2007


(no subject)

Somehow, I left home this morning without my purse..... Didn't notice until I was at work and went to pick it up. sigh. Drove home at precisely the speed limit, let me tell you.

Somehow, I managed to keep way too many balls in the air today. Some need a bit of course-correction that I HOPE I will find time for, but....

So, after getting home late, I grabbed my purse and headed to Yokahoma for chirashi sushi. Thank you, adammaker for introducing me to it. That was good eating. Then an order of smoked salmon nigiri for 'dessert'. Oh, and conversation with a very chatty (and very attractive) gentleman who was also sitting at the bar. Since he brought up his wife and kids pretty early on, I don't think he was flirting.

Now... I should do taxes. Really, should do taxes.

Hear that, self? TAXES.

Damn, I seem to be deaf....