April 12th, 2007


I may have to keep hating you, malinear

I just got this email

Unfortunately we are unable to ship your complete order due to the
unforeseen demand for the items listed below, or your items are not
yet released:

Quant. Item Description Amount
------ -------------------- ---------------------------------------- ----------
1 MM159816953X Trinity Blood Novel Volume 1 $ 7.99
1 FUN08463 Trinity Blood DVD 6 (Hyb) 26.24
Date Available - Apr 24 2007

We receive shipments of items from our suppliers every day, and your
items are on order with the manufacturer. We hope to be able to fill
your order promptly.

Which seems to be telling me that, although the novel is 'out', they don't have any to send me. :( Now, if I am lucky, this email is actually triggered by the video not being out yet, but the novel having been shipped to me, but......

(no subject)

I just can't wrap my brain around why we have to PAY to file tax returns electronically. More than $50 for three through TurboTax. No idea how much of that is TurboTax and how much goverment protection of the jobs of the people that transfer the info from the paper returns. Bah!

In other news, I really need to remember that cutting out fabric for things like dresses just doesn't have to be a precise as cutting out fabric for corsets.