April 21st, 2007


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I suppose if I want to see reply emails, I have to post, huh? Odd how that works.

Not much to say, really. Yesterday was my boss's last day and this past week was one stress trip after another (and most were NOT because he was leaving - but a good viewing of WHY he was leaving. sigh.)

Last night I put my hair up in pin curls. No idea why, really, just did it. I ran out of bobby pins (WHERE did the pins I bought for Costume Con go, anyway?) and put sponge curlers in the back.

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And I have been working up accompaniment for the green velvet skirt radcliffe gave me... last year? I have the fabric picked out, have a duct tape effigy of my torso made and cut up and I have the forepart put together. Here you can see what bead work I have started. I am thinking I will make a cross of alternating diamonds of amber and green. Maybe medallions of something else in the big open spaces that will be left. Or, maybe not.
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