May 31st, 2007

Lab coat

Welp, It's a 13 hour day so far.

And at least another hour and a half to two hours left.

I am missing a fun meet-up for this, gosh darn it.

Wonder if my conscience will let me come in late tomorrow ..... It's not like I will need to put in more than a couple hours by then.

Bet not. Stupid conscience.

Oh, auroraceleste

I finally looked up Te Deum and tedium.

"Te Deum" is Middle English from Late Latin from the first line of a liturgical Christrian hymn of praise to God "te deum laudamun thee, God, we praise". Which explains why I got the impression it meant daily prayers to God.

Tedium is from Latin (not Late Latin, apparently) from 'taedium'.

I still think they are rather related. LOL