June 6th, 2007


Things that make me go Hmmmmm

People that ask advice on some community, but don't come back for...oh, maybe days? So they don't see that everyone that responded is actually asking for clarification of the question. In these cases, by the time clarification comes, the post is long, long off most people's front page, which = forgotten.

Women (in corsets, but that's actually neither here nor there) who are so tiny (not skinny, TINY), if they turned sideways, they'd disappear. I mean, really, she looks like *I* could break her in half and I am a weakling. On the other hand, that has GOT be be basic bone structure. Why am I envious, when I am so sure she's fragile?

Air handlers that break all the darn time. To the point where I bought a thermometer just so I can see how hot it really is. Even in the dead of winter. Being so close to the boilers has some disadvantages, don't you think?

Can you tell I am not QUITE so busy, since suddenly I am posting again? This won't last, of course.