June 7th, 2007


Everyone knows it's 'windy'

I am reminded of a joke:

Why is it so windy in Kansas?

Because Nebraska sucks and Oklahoma blows.

Made yesterday's drive home interesting and knocked out our power for a bit. This morning, I stepped out into soft, but energetic, air and thought 'storm!' it just had that feel. If we don't get storms today, I will be very surprised. I left my car windows up in anticipation, so, if it doesn't storm, my car will be rather oven-like when I go to leave this afternoon.

Apparently, pool days already started up at my son's school (yes, they take the kids to the pool in the afternoons) and I hadn't realized it (I should have, seeing as how Memorial Day is behind us) so I was a touch early when I arrived to pick him up.

I get him tonight, too, because he's going to Virginia on Friday for a two week vacation/visit with his paternal grandpa. This maeans I may or may not be at Sewing Meet-up this evening, depending on his mood.
Lab coat

I really need to vent this.

We have a client that has come to us so recently that we haven't even SENT them a contract to sign, much less HAVE a signed contract.

They are now bitching because we can't schedule the packaging of their supplies before July 23rd.

They want to do two or three feasability batchs in July (I expect that to take two solid weeks) and then another GMP run based off that in early August.

All this without any consultation as to our current schedule with other clients on the equipment needed. Essentially, they want to monopolize us for two months solid starting at the end of June.... without actually having come to us until...oh, NOW.

And they are going to be so very, very offended if we can't accomodate them. And I am almost positive we can't. Worse yet, I fear we are going to have to try.