June 20th, 2007


(no subject)

The good: Re-reading the Liaden series.

The bad: realizing that, indeed, they still seem not to have written the 'really bad' things that were going on in Theo's life. Darn it! What a place to end it.

The good: getting to go to Kara with the 'good' team, then Gruul and then Heroic Slave Pens to get my attunment for Serpentshrine Cavern (let us not think about the fact that just yesterday the devs removed the NEED for said attunment. I don't quibble with their reason, but their timing..... But think, Solan, you may not have made the cut for the Kara and Gruul raids if not for 'needing' the attunment. Perhaps the timing was perfect.)

The bad: Being seduced, once again, by the rich, dark color of blackberries at the supermarket. Then popping one into my mouth only to find it *crunchy* and sour, with no taste of 'blackberry' at all. Tell me, do, what is the point of offering such things? To make us refuse to buy produce? To make the uninitiated hate such fruits? I belive my lesson is learned, well and truely, for these showed no sign of red, much less green as had been shown before. They are a total cheat. I pine for the blackberry brambles by the street on my walk between my parents' house and my best friend's house in Washington. If I was quick, and lucky, I could get a handful a day that the birds missed. In season, of course.

The good: After boasting about my brothers' prowess in instances to a friend online, getting to invite him along for one (actually, two). I shouldn't take such pleasure in him getting his mind blown, but it was nice feeling like I wasn't the only one being dragged along like a rag doll. And a brother expressed an appreciation for the DPS the friend could put out, which is high praise, since they are normally rather quiet.

The bad: Hmmmm, can't really think of anything new. Work is work, but the current stress level is lower than it has been, which isn't a bad thing.

The good: Thomas comes back from a two week vacation to Virginia on Friday. I look forward to seeing him.