July 25th, 2007

sewing action

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I finished the paisley skirt, but as LJ was down (choke, gasp, ZOMGwithdrawl) I haven't got any pictures of it up. I was pretty ambivalent about whether or not I would end up with something I would wear, but it's starting to grow on me. Not sure what top I would wear with it, though (and topless isn't really an option.)

Cut out the solid gold fabric for the second skirt, but have not yet cut out the pretty ladies. I am pretty sure they will be upright at the top, but at least slightly reclining by the bottom. :O Lazy ladies, who would have thought?

I am kind of embarassed to admit this, but I dreamt of... oh, dare I say this? People in colorful costumes with coordinated fighting robots that combined into a super robot. Oh, the shame! The twist was they could summon (ha!) little copies of the super robot that weren't as powerful, but were useful. Problem was they kept running out of power and I would have to keep powering them up (I think 'gassing them up' might be the right phrase...). Not a very restful dream, that. Something about the copies having individualized names and their own personalities, too. Where this came from I have no idea as I can't remember seeing any version of five/six-fighting-machines-in-to-one paradigm in a while.