August 6th, 2007


projects that worked, projects that didn't and some traffic.

I am wearing the paisley skirt today. First time I have worn a skirt to work in more than a year, I think. It keeps slipping around on me. LOL Had some trouble deciding on shoes, as I need closed-toe; I decided on some boots, but I don't think they fit as well as they used to. :O This could be a bad idea.

Made a bag for my knitting out of the remaining Pretty Ladies fabric. Looks fabulous. I suppose I really ought to take some pictures of these skirts and bag, huh? It's not fabric porn without pictures.

Could NOT get to sleep last night. I don't think the thoughts swirling through my head were the reason, I think my brain just would not spin down and kept latching on to random stuff and refusing to let go. It resulted in me jumping out of bed a few times to go look things up on the internet, or draft out a pattern or... etc.

But I do know that Elizabethan coifs (or, hell, coifs of any period) are likely to defeat me.

The pattern found here turned out to print out at 3/4 the size it should have (correcting that was the pattern drafting I did rather than sleeping). Then there is this which makes SOME sense, but I don't see how the drawstring is at the bottom of those in the pictures, nor do I have anywhere NEAR enough hair to do that. I don't know how the author managed, either. There's NOTHING to hold tention at the nape of the neck if you don't have hair coiled there and my bun can be hidden IN ONE HAND. Hello.

In addition, the pictures of extant coifs don't show the wear I would expect of something that spend any length of time tighly pleated, as the first directions tell to do to the crown.

On top of that (pun intended) I seem to end up with a pointy cap (that doesn't stay on, of course, but that's a given). I am ... annoyed, let us say.

Lots of slow people in the fast lane this morning - haven't seen that in a while.

Will not take 'no' for an answer

Dear Client,

I fraking slipped you into our full schedule on the understanding that you needed "a" batch.

When you casually mentioned it was 'placebo and active' in the next teleconference, I charitably assumed I had mis-heard you before and decided we might be able to handle that.

Then you come up with 'four batches - 80 mg and 120 mg fill for placebo and active', I started to protest that we didn't have that kind of time.

Then, completely ignoring me, you ask for a FIFTH batch.

Now, you are asking for one placebo and active with one solvent and another placebo and active of another solvent and TOTALLY ignoring me continuing to say 'no'. (It's an even stronger NO now, as the cleaning between batches would be a week or more just by itself)

This doesn't EVEN cover the fact that you haven't sent me the information I need to even START the damn batch records that I supposedly need to use in less then three weeks.

No love,