August 13th, 2007


Nothing terribly constructive this weekend.

Had a good time both at dinner on Saturday with my parents and siblings, then another nice dinner on Sunday with my ex's family. Funny how that can happen with so many birthdays packed into so small a space of time.

One of my brothers brought a movie called "Hot Fuzz" over and we watched that after dinner. Ever so glad Thomas was deep in WoW at the time, because that wan't a kids movie. And there are some scenes I would prefer to wash out of my brain, but it WAS funny.

I got Thomas a rarity nowadays - Legos that aren't brand specific and horribly single-use. This set can make a jet, a helicoptor or a hover-craft and most of the pieces are in basic Lego shapes. Huzzah.

He actually wanted me to put the jet together while he just watched. Oh, twist my arm, dear love.

This is likely only amusing to me, but I parked in such a way as to make a line of four white cars, not one like any of the others but for color.

EDIT: I suddenly wish I had work in the back today - they are working on our roof. Ugh.

Is it can be home time now, please?

Thanks to next_bold_move I desperately want to stop by the book store. Now. I don't want to be writing these reports, or pushing through batch records, or dealing with scheduling around a power shutdown (and I certainly don't want to keep dealing with the sounds and SMELLS of people working on the roof).

4 more hours. Gah.