August 15th, 2007


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Sushi-with-a-friend just tastes better than sushi-by-oneself. Last night the sushi and the company were wonderful.

Oh, yay! fantomas71 is still alive and in the intarweb! "But, Solan", I can hear you say, "why the fook didn't you just call or send an email if you were worried?" Um... good question. Look! It's a white-headed snarfullump!

Oh, you just missed it.

Moving on. Some portion of my personality seems to have decided that sleep is for wimps and I am not a wimp. Various other parts of my personality beg to differ. The result has been me staying up reading one night and then staying up the next loading a program on to my son's new computer.*

Then, at about 3:30 am I woke with a pressing need to pee (as one does after too much ice water and a Brainiac Bomb with dinner). Having attending to this, I remembered that I had left Thomas' computer downloading a ginormous update to WoW and went to check on it.

Wait, wut? Why's it frozen at the load up screen? I had neglected to turn on a light, so I had to feel my way down to the reset button. Of course the computer informed me there had been an error in the last attempt at booting up, how did I want to boot? "Normal", thanks, but I promise to cross my fingers.

Boots up just fine and I see a pop-up stating that Window has updated and had needed to restart. Oh, well, that makes sense. Dad must of set it to completely automatic updates, as this computer was originally destined for his mother ("Little Granma", nowadays) and this was just a wise precaution. As Thomas' computer, it was still a wise precaution.

Right, then. On to the updates - I was expecting another really long one, so I planned to start it and go back to bed.

But it was a short one.

And so was the next one.

And the next one.

And then there weren't any more.

A good half an hour after I woke, I finally went back to bed.

Wise, I am not.

*A hand-me-down from my father.

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When informing someone that a batch has been cancelled and you are going to change to another whole formulation, do NOT, under any circumstances ask "What is the status of the Batch Record?" as if the person you are emailing already knew she was supposed to be working on it.

Because, dear-me-lovelies, the answer your correspondent will have to resist making is dreadfully unprofessional and possibly anatomically impossible.

Much better would be "How soon could we see a batch record?" which shows at least a little understanding that you just blindsided your correspondent.