August 19th, 2007


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I am debating the merits of making a modified headdress for Lilith, since the 'real' one is not really travel-worthy if I have to fly.

Maybe remake the cresent, but attach it to a head band, find those hair sticks with tassles (from somewhere...) and one of those clip-on hair falls. Not sure about the flowers.

Of course, I may end up the only one that understands its my 'travel' version.....
sewing action


First, I sewed the INTERFACED piece in backwards and serged the edges.

Then, I sewed it on UPSIDE DOWN. and serged the edges again.


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Note to self:

When the instructions say 'grease baking pan', I don't care HOW much butter it looks like the things contain, GREASE THE DAMN PAN.

Thank you.