September 5th, 2007


Lilith and name-dropping and costumes. Oh my!

Working my first Dragon*Con may not have been the best way to SEE my first Dragon*Con, but it was still a lot of fun.

I am QUITE sure I need to modify Lilith's wig/headdress if I ever want to take her for another spin - it just hurts too much as it. (I did remember to adulterate my hair before making the pin curls, so they didn't slip, but my scalp was sore for two days after). I am thinking I can just remove one wig and make the stuffed one into a modified fall, using my own hair for the front part. I would put the cresent on a headband in this model and maybe make the long front bits from the removed wig. I will have to play with this idea for a bit, but I think it will work.

I missed seeing Pete Abrams (of Sluggy Freelance fame) on my first attempt, and thought I had missed him on my second. However, he was actually standing next to me and it ended up being an amusing interaction. Then I went all shy-but-still-squeeing fangirl, which works so much better at 16 than 35, but, alas, I often don't act my age. Regardless, I now have "Megatome 2: Little Evils" all personalized and Kiki-ized. Hello? SQUEEEE!

First day I was partly line control, partly table sitting. I am just blown away that anyone would mistake me for Juliete Landau simply because I was sitting at her table, but at least three people apparently did. :O

Second day was fine until I found myself deep in the Harry Potter line (The Phelps twins and Matthew Lewis) when it all went to chaos (without the boys actually BEING THERE). I was pulled out for a nice quiet table job at just the right time. (and I will simply have to ask forgiveness for using the word 'boys'. It's a life-long, ingrained habit, especially when paired with the word 'twins'.)

The last two days I was 'minion/assistant' to Matt Wood, the voice of General Grievous (among others) and that was very enjoyable. Seems his regular job is (or was) sound post production, so he also ALTERED his voice for Grievous. I just find that too cool. I was a little surprised to find he is almost the exact same age as my ex, because I would have guessed a couple years older. I never said I was GOOD at guessing ages. I hope my son likes the autograph I got for him from Matt - Grievous was his favorite character to play in Lego Star Wars. (most of Matt's fans were boys from about 6 to 16. ;) And the little ones were So Damn Cute. Squeeee)

A little more name dropping, so you have some idea of just what I had gotten myself into: Richard LeParmentier (General Motti) was on one side of us and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) on the other, with David Prowse (Darth Vader) beyond. And I managed not to squee at any of them. Mostly because I was too shy to even say hello at first and then only spoke when it was obvious they were speaking to the group as a whole or to me personally. Shy much?

Not surprisingly, there were quite a few names there that I simply didn't recongnize since I don't watch TV much. Star Gate and the new Battlestar Galactica seemed well represented, for instance, and I hadn't a clue about any of them (the two from classic BG, on the other hand, I recognized just fine). Other faces were familiar when I really looked, (causing OMG moments) but I hadn't the gumption to even say hello.

I DID, however, (with a little help) manage to shake hands with Tori, Kari and Grant from Mythbusters - it being about the only show I watch. :O

I also got a hug from Eric Estrada, but only because he jokingly said 'the line starts here' Monday before opening and several of us took him up on that. He whispers sweet nothings in your ear, too. Hee hee!

I got a lot of people-watching in, which isn't really a normal pasttime for me, but rather easy in that setting. And of course, I still can be catty (mostly in my head) about costumes ('Honey, a little more boning would do you a world of good', 'Any boning AT ALL at the laces is a good idea', 'Plasic boning is the devil! You really shouldn't lace that tight with plastic boning', 'If I can see your hoops, dear, you need more petticoats.', 'Did you put that corset on UPSIDE DOWN on purpose?')

And, lastly, auroraceleste loves me. I know this because she got me a Girl Genius shirt (the one with Agatha on it). SQUEEEEEEE. The three of us traveling together (Aurora, affreca and I) were all wearing Girl Genius shirts on the trip home. Hee hee!

Must. Share.

This was an converstation split between Ventrilo and raid chat.

One of the raid members was asking for something besides Sanctuary, apparently unaware that he had all three pally buffs. My-brother-with-a-pally said something like 'What else do you want?!" and I barely hear someone else say 'How 'bout your sister?'.

At which point there was an aghast whisper of 'She in the RAID, dude!'

Hilarity ensued, and I did nothing but laugh. ;)