September 10th, 2007


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I forget, sometimes, just how good cherry tomatoes are, fresh off the vine. Thankfully, my mother grows them, so I am reminded. LOL They are still good after being refrigerated, but not quite AS good. They make a nice driving-home-from-the-parents-house snack, too. I wonder if I can grow them in pots on my porch...

And to think, I hated tomatoes as a kid.

I didn't have much stamina for the Fair, though, and napped afterward each day for about as long as I was there. :O I didn't miss the miniature horses this year. Yay! One 'youth driver' appeared awfully cocky on the walk-through, but proved his confidence was warrented when it can to driving the course. He sure made it seem easy, when the other drivers made is seem hard. The driving portion was about an hour, then I watched about 30 minutes of the 'open halter' portion. Too many balky horses and I found I didn't have the patience for it, so Mom and I wandered off to see other things.

And I managed to have an Australian Meat Pie both days. Yummy, I am telling you. 'Fresh Battered Cheese Curds' not so much - way too salty. I hated to waste them, but neither Mom nor I could face more than two.

Oh, and somehow (even though I had at least socks on most of the time) I have a bug bite on my foot. If there's anything more maddening, I don't want to know first hand.

OMG I almost forgot to blog this.

Over Dragon*Con, auroraceleste introduced us to her favorite sushi place and there we introduced ourselves to Sho Chiku Bai Nigori Unfiltered Sake (Silky Mild)

OMG, good (keep in mind I have several sweet teeth. Not just one).

And Benehana's (likely misspelled) had it, too!

auroraceleste even found a Kansas distributor for it! I have GOT to remember to look for it, or ask for it here. Total Con drinking stuff. Mmmmm.

Just for MY benefit, I will copy and paste auroraceleste's dilligent work here: " They have a Kansas distributor: Kansas Premier Wine & Spirits Inc. (913)894-2112"